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ROP Course Outline Summaries

Summary Templates

A one-page summary of each course currently offered by the Los Angeles County Regional Occupational Program (LACOROP) is available by making a selection via one of three formats: by the LACOROP course title; within LACOROP subject area organization, or; by the 15 California Occupational Clusters. Click on one of the three formats below to display the list of courses.

Course Title
View a list of active courses adopted by the Board of the Los Angeles County Office of Education
Subject Areas
Categorized by LACOROP in the areas of: Agriculture, Business, Creative Arts, Health, Home Economics, Marketing, and Trade & Industry.
Occupational Cluster
Categorized according to the 15 Occupational Clusters established by the California Department of Education.

For more information on the programs and services offered by the Los Angeles County Regional Occupational Program, please call (562) 922-6850.