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All About ESLRs

(*Expected Student Learning Results) Updated as of January 2006

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ESLR Definition
Transparency master for lesson plan
WASC Background
Provides the teacher with information on how the ESLRs and WASC accreditation process are integrated.
The current ESLRs created and adopted by all stakeholders of Los Angeles County ROP.
ESLR Scoring Guide/Rubric
The rubrics developed to assess student achievement of the ESLRs can be used by students and teachers.
ESLR Lesson Plan
A lesson plan for teachers to introduce students to ESLRs.
ESLR Activity
A classroom strategy that can be integrated into a classroom project that demonstrates student acquisition of ESLRs.
ESLR Activity Rubric
The scoring guide developed to assess the ESLR Activity
ESLR Summary Organizer
To be used as a cover sheet and evidence of student knowledge and demonstration of the ESLRs.
Student Self-Assessment of the ESLRs
Students identify activities, projects and strategies related to attainment of the ESLRs for each performance indicator. Students also plan activities, projects and strategies to assist themselves to further strengthen ESLR areas.
Teacher Self-Assessment of the ESLRs
Teachers can check the activities, projects and strategies planned to reinforce ESLR attainment. Teachers can also identify areas to strengthen.
ESLR Teaching Strategies
This is a list of activities and strategies that was brainstormed by over 250 teachers a the 2000 Staff Development Day specifically designed to address the ESLRS.
ESLR Porfolio Assignment
This is a long term project that provides excellent evidence of ESLR achievement.

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