LACOROP Student Registration
Important Note: If you have attended LACOROP classes within the past two years, please contact an ROP counselor or technician before completing the steps below. You may already have a student account.
Step 1 - Tell us about yourself.
If you are a high school student or an adult wishing to enroll into LACOROP classes for the first time, you should review our list of participating school districts and schools to determine if you live in an area served by our program. Once you complete the online registration process, you may submit online requests to enroll into specific ROP classes. To complete the enrollment process, you must contact an ROP counselor or technician at the appropriate high school. A decision to admit you to the class of your choice will be made based on class availability, course prerequisites, payment of all applicable adult fees, etc. (All items in red are required)
What is your last name
What is your first name
What is your middle name if any
Are you currently attending high school
If your high school is not on the list, please enter :
School name
City of the school
What is your current grade level
What is your high school student ID number
What is your telephone number - -
(Ex:123-123-4567)If no home phone number, please provide your message phone number.
What is your birthday / / (Ex.02/21/2003)
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You are well on your way to creating your own online account at LACOROP, now onto Step 2.